Air Filters

Clean air.

We can’t see it, smell it, taste it or feel it, yet it is a vital part of our everyday lives: ensuring the efficient generation of energy; protecting valuable equipment and artifacts; making indoor environments more comfortable; even preserving life itself.

At MANN+HUMMEL, our entire business is about creating clean air, and our sole aim is to do so in the most efficient way, at the most cost effective price, and with minimal impact on the world around us.

Our Clean Air division is focused upon the manufacture and supply of air filters for HVAC and comfort ventilation purposes.

Quality You Can Depend On

Filter efficiency based on ISO16890 compliance. The new standard for classifying air filters makes user to choose the filter in a peace of mind.

Filter operation energy efficiency certified by Eurovent Certification. The Eurovent Certification scheme is designed to give you the confidence that the filter you select performs as you expect.

Designed to provide maximum value and performance for end users, service companies and OEMs.