Indoor Air Sensor SPS208

Indoor Air Sensor

Professional air quality monitor
designed to meet global building air quality monitoring standards.
The indoor air sensor provides reliable and accurate air quality control solutions.


Performance that cares

Provides all necessary measurements

The SPS208 provides all the necessary measurements to adhere to air quality standards which includes temperature, humidity, particulate matter, TVOCs and CO2.

Built-in interactive touch screen

The indoor air sensor has an in built interactive touch screen displaying current indoor air quality in the building.

Various data monitoring options

It features modern conveniences of monitor data simply with device display, OurAir App and the OurAir web-portal.

Flexibility in sensing needs

The indoor air sensor also offers the flexibility in sensing needs along with the handiness of sensor cartridges being able to be removed if not required.

Easy sensor calibration

It provides the flexibility in sensing needs and sensor cartridge could be replaced for easy sensor calibration.


  • PM 2.5 / PM 10( 1 – 999 µg/m3 )
  • TVOCs ( 125 – 600 ppb )
  • CO2 ( 400 – 2000 ppm )
  • Temperature ( -20 – 55 °C)
  • Humidity ( 0 – 100% )

Technical Specifications

  • Connection : Wi-Fi, 2.4G, Ethernet
  • Storage : 8GB flash & optional SD card
  • 7" full color touch screen
  • Screen protection cover
  • Battery : 4000mAh Lithium
  • Input Power : DC-5V / 1A

Weight & Dimesions

  • Product Dimensions: 184 x146 x 480mm
  • Product Weight: 750gms